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Three french bulldogs

What you should know about Frenchies.

French Bulldogs make one of the best companion dogs in the world. They are small, easy to handle and are generally well behaved around new people and other animals. Frenchies love attention whenever and wherever possible, and I truly cannot emphasize that. They love chasing balls and playing outdoors (if it’s not too hot, I will explain later) They get along well with other dogs and aren’t big barkers. Barking comes into play when attention is not given. They are very sensitive so when scolding your Frenchie know they may mope around and take it seriously. Try to use encouragement and you will see they respond great to positivity.

Like our significant other and children Frenchies are gassy. They have extremely sensitive stomachs. Some causes are changing their diet, eating to quickly, and swallowing too much air causing air to end up in the intestines. Just a tip food to completely cut out of their diets are beans, dairy, cheap dog food, and corn. One up side to Frenchie’s fluctuance problems you can always blame the dog!
Due to their short face, Snoring is a problem. Can you be awaking by their snore, YES! Frenchies snort, snuffle, wheeze, and snore loudly.

Your Frenchies Health.
It is important you do your research on Bulldogs health. They suffer from heatstroke, spinal disorders, eye diseases, heart disease, and joint disease. There may be some health problems that are inherited and other health problems that can be prevented.

SUMMER DAYS, fun for us, maybe dangerous for Frenchies, on those hot sunny days its recommended to keep your Frenchie indoors and properly air conditioned. Avoid long walks or try walking them early morning or late evening when the sun sets. If there are any signs of distress like noisy breathing take them inside to cool off. French Bulldogs should not be exercised too hard in the summer months, as they are prone to heatstroke.
POOL AREA, If you own a pool you should know this breed CAN NOT swim and falling into a pool could be life-threatening. Purchasing a doggy life vest is your best bet for those fun laid out by the pool type of days.

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