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Three french bulldogs


We are located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our Bulldog family includes two beautiful females and our Super Star lilac male Romeo. We are a family breeder and our dog care is taken serious. Our dogs are neither kenneled or caged. They are given love, affection, and care within our home. Playtime within our 2 acres is always a delight for them. If you interested in adding an amazing addition to your family please email us if you have any questions. Please take the time to look through our page and enjoy. Hope to hear from you soon, love Dayner, Cony,  Catalina, and Dayner.



Romeo “Mr. Center of Attention"

Romeo is a beautiful Lilac. He loves everyone’s attention. If your attention is not on him he will find a way to get it. Dog parks, playing catch(with no return), ride along, and cuddling are what he loves. He’s great with our kids. He carries n/AY, n/a, B/B, d/d, E/E, n/EM, n/KB, N/S. Romeo is AKC registered, he’s micro chipped, and has been DNA tested. He weights 25 lbs. He stocky and has a nice body build. You can’t go wrong with using him as your stud.


Muñeca “Ms. My Way”

Her name sums it up. Beautiful blue/tan tip female. She loves to run around free and play. It’s her way or the highway. She’s always active and aware of everything that is going on around her. She carries AT/AT, B/B, d/d, E/E, EM/EM, N/S. Muñeca is AKC Registered, micro chipped, and has been DNA tested. Her weight is 28 lbs.


Cookie "The Silent One"

This cutie is currently 11 months old. She is super chill and layed back. Kisses and cuddles are more her style. Cookie is AKC registered, micro chipped, and has been DNA tested. She is AKC Registered, micro chipped, and DNA is pending. Her weight is currently 21lbs.


Sophie " The Wild Thang"

Sophie is a little over a year old, and has a free spirit to boot. With Sophie, get ready for good time. She's a wild little thing, put her down and watch her run. She loves to bounce around and have you chase her. Catch her though and get ready for her to give you kisses. Sophie is definietly all about fun, with no strings attached. You won't find a more loving pooch.

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French Bulldogs make one of the best companion dogs in the world. They are small, easy to handle and are generally well behaved around new people and other animals. Frenchies love attention whenever and wherever possible, and I truly cannot emphasize that. They love chasing balls and playing outdoors (if it’s not too hot, I will explain later) They get along well with other dogs and aren’t big barkers. Barking comes into play when attention is not given.


Like our significant other and children Frenchies are gassy. They have extremely sensitive stomachs. Some causes are changing their diet, eating to quickly, and swallowing too much air causing air to end up in the intestines. Just a tip food to completely cut out of their diets are beans, dairy, cheap dog food, and corn. One up side to Frenchie’s fluctuance problems you can always blame the dog! Due to their short face, Snoring is a problem. Can you be awaking by their snore, YES! Frenchies snort, snuffle, wheeze, and snore loudly.


It is important you do your research on Bulldogs health. They suffer from heatstroke, spinal disorders, eye diseases, heart disease, and joint disease. There may be some health problems that are inherited and other health problems that can be prevented.

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